April 2012


'Zombie Zeitgeist'-


Jack Larson lives, breathes, and paints the undead from his  Albuquerque, New Mexico studio.   He has zombified hundreds of family portraits, thousands of art cards and his zombie art is featured as an "easter egg" on most Android phones. ZombieArt

'Purse Invasion', Denny E. Marshall-


Denny E. Marshall lives in the Midwest. While he has done art and poetry for a while, he just started writing haiku in 2010 and fiction in 2011. He has had art & poetry recently published. An example of this would be interior art for Edge & Night To Dawn.

His work also appeared in Z-composition's maiden issue- Feb 2012, and can be found in the Artwork/Photography archives.


This artist will be featured on our Google+ ezine site...because editors had a hard time choosing one of this artists multiple mixed media submissions..

Print 1, Mixed Media-

Print 1

Jennifer Emily aka Artgreen Productions is a production and photography house out of Ontario, Canada that specializes in all things creative. They have created fx props, costumes, film productions and these ladies are featured in Horror in the Hammer's 2011 Heroine Horror Calendar, and has been published internationally. They can be found in magazines, art books, and on album covers. You might see them at the Hamilton Zombie Walk!

'Insidious Biomorph'-


Danielle K L Anathema, Anathema Photography: Turning Nightmares Into Art- As a child I had horrific nightmares.  I was always terrified of the dark and what was lurking in the corners, the closet or under my bed.  I learned to embrace the unknown and eventually found ways to welcome the twisted images that haunted my dreams.  

This artist will be featured on our Google+ ezine site...once again editors had a hard time choosing one of this artist multiple drawing submissions..

'Retired Trollies'- "where way-ward wanderers would pass the night in safety  - as everyone knows Zombies are too dumb to follow the tracks..."


'Feral'- "playful, yet nightmarish play on the lost children left behind and orphaned by the Zombie fate..."


Jenny Mathews grew up in the Midwest manufacturing town Rockford, IL and currently lives in Houston, Texas with her two children where she illustrates for Zombie Logic Press, paints, plays roller derby and is practicing to be a mermaid. Her new children's book, The Toughskin Rhinoceros Wrangler Company, is due out the summer of 2012. 




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