Z-composition is the quarterly literary e-zine brain child of many who love poetry and a good prose yarn. Your work does not have to be about Zombies, we just love them on our pages.

Z-compositions forum is to help showcase new and published writers. We want those who are smitten bitten with the macabre, or any other topic you feel will tickle our funny bone. This site is a unique meeting ground for an array of artist. See 'Home' page for more specific guidelines for accepted works.

Work will be published quarterly (see 'Submit') and chosen from a panel of editors with various writing and educational backgrounds. If you would like to be part of our editorial panel contact us:


Managing & Co Editors-

Elizabeth Akin Stelling founder of Red Dashboard LLC Publishing and Z-composition, and hails from Texas, is a Chef, a wine/food aficionado and educator now living in New Jersey. Her writing is published in business/trade mags and e-zines; her poetry has been featured on Crop To Cuisine - is a member of the FoodPoetrySociety, she has appeared in monthly food sites, poetry magazines/e-zines and chapbooks such as SRP,Wild River Review, Vox Poetica, Referential Magazine, getSparked, Curio Poetry, Linden Ave Litmag, Still Crazy, and NJMonthly.

Website: Elizabeth Akin Stelling

Eileene Beirne is a New Jersian writer and musician who has been a part of the Open Mic scene in the New Jersey area for many years, as well as working in the NYC writing scene. She edited poetry for East River Review, San Francisco, publishing the likes of Bukowski, Burrough's and once Ginsberg. She loves to volunteer, take long walks by the canal on windy days, and also worked as an Art Director/Graphic Designer/ Illustrator. If and when she has spare time she writes poetry which turns into songs and dots on her two sons.

Dianne Simmons who earned her MFA in Maryland, has been interested in food and cooking all of her life, but her true passion is writing. She has been accepted for an MFA in creative writing at SNHU, 2012. Diane currently works as an editor and contributor for several food e-zines in Maryland. She is also working on her first novel or reading horror genre; she also homeschools a daughter where they cook local, organic and green. You can find more of her on Dianne's Dishes.

Athena Dixon-DeMary earned an MFA from Queens University of Charlotte. Her poetry has appeared in *Pluck!: The Journal of Affrilachian Arts and Culture*, *Blossombones*, *Sea Stories, Blast Furnace* and *The Amistad*. She is co-founder of Specter Literary Magazine and poetry editor for The Reprint. She writes and edits in NE Ohio.

Val B Russell is a Canadian poet, novelist, freelance writer, and editor of Tuck Magazine living on the rocky shores of Newfoundland. Her poetry has been nominated for both the Pushcart Prize as well as The Best of the Net and her words can be found in such diverse places as Reader’s Digest, Voxpoetica, Referential magazine, Ditch magazine, Sibling Rivalry Press and The Caper Literary Journal’s VWA, poems for Haiti, an anthology to aid victims of the quake. She is the managing editor of Tuck Magazine, an online literary journal and can be found here: Words and Tuck.

Michael Baca is an art teacher and amateur photographer living in Colorado. He is a self-taught artist and has contributed to various judged fine arts shows as well as various local shows and galleries.  You will often find him in his studio painting, running around exploring the world of photography, and writing.

Terence Kuch studied at the Corcoran School of Art. His works (hand-altered photographs) have been shown in private and public galleries in New York, Pennsylvania, DC, the Carolinas, and Canada. You can find him and his writing here: http://www.terencekuch.net/ Terence Kuch’s speculative fiction has appeared in paying markets in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. His recent novel, The Seventh Effect , was praised by Kirkus Reviews . He lives in Falls Church, Virginia, with his wife and too many cats.

Ashley J. Allen (@Hornfinger) is a screenwriter, tea-drinker, and occasional poet. His work has been performed at the RADA theatre in London and his feature screenplay, Queensberry Rules, is currently in pre-production. Cutaway Magazine is publishing his selected works of poetry in May 2012.

Editor Advisory Board-

Annmarie Lockhart is the founding editor of vox poetica, an online literary salon dedicated to bringing poetry into the everyday, and the founder of unbound CONTENTunbound Content, an independent press for a boundless age. She lives, works, and writes in Northern New Jersey, two miles east of the hospital where she was born. You can read her words at Eclectic Flash, Contemporary American Voices, getSPARKed, Ink Node, WestWard Quarterly, Fussy Face, Referential Magazine, Heavy Hands Ink, Leaf Garden, and many other amazing places.

Jim Knowles is a engineer/poet/artist in Mass. He has had poems Mipoesias' Best of Cafe Cafe, From East to West, Durable Goods, Blossoms (those 2 are microzines), The Inkwell Journal and The Ranfurly Review. He won first place in the 2010 Poetry Superhighway Contest, was a judge in the 2009 PSH Contest, a judge in 2010, and took second in the 2010 Inkwell Poetry Competition. Locally, Jim attends Frost Foundation 'Hoots' and keeps it real with The Grey Court Poets of Methuen.

He has a few quirky POD books at Blurb: search for "NightHawks" (shorts) and "TAHKI" (metered)

James Banks edited and contributed to an unintentionally non-famous website of film criticism before taking up a little fiction writing of his own, leading to a deep interest in the short story form.  He is a graduate of UC Davis and lives in San Diego, without pets. He also has written monstrous a "concept album" of short stories entitled WHEN YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE RIGHT, THERE'S NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT (available at lmslms.net)

Victor Vogt (AKA Dash) is a designer, writer, and publisher; and consultant who works around the globe. When he is not producing for clients, art or poetry he is following poetry, art, music, film, fashion, photography, video, and the sea. To blow off high stress steam he blogs at The Deringer Files.

David Madore is half of the two-brother team, The Madore Brothers of Necropology.  They are internationally recognized zombie experts who freely share their research.

Technical/Graphic Support-

Robert J. Stelling has been working as a senior software engineer for 30 plus years and is a graduate of Stony Brook University, NY. He gives his technical advise as well as helps maintains code for cookAppeal, WAMPP, Red Dashboard and Z-composition.