OPEN after October 1st of each calendar year

Deadline - Feb 28th thru Midnight, 2016

Fall On-line Issue, Deadline - September 28, Midnight

Congrats Authors of the...

2015 Print Anthology- Strange FrenZies
Colin Dodds
Joseph Farley
Johnathon Warren
Richard Perkins III
Mark Mansfield
Lana Bella
Mike Jurkovic
Laura Taylor
Craig Kurtz
Alex Kies

Jeremiah Granden
Laura Madeline Wiseman
Dex Raven

Anthology print date tentative end of May 2016.
All work is chosen on a blind read by guests and editorial staff.

Flash Fiction Novels wanted (8500 word max) - Email:

General Submissions - Open Call for October, 2016 Issue

Got something to say- we are now taking essays and articles related to publishing/writing field for our bi-weekly EatMoreBrains site-

The magazine now runs 2-twice a year for submissions, Spring/Summer for anthology, and thru September for October on-line issue, and runs to third week of publishing month after 'Open Call' begins. Once submissions are in and have met our guidelines* below a panel of editors will do a blind review.

We are a literary magazine looking for the highest quality and polished work of new and established writers, poets, artists, and photographers. We are open to new ideals of work.

We are looking for all things edgy (see 'Home' page for specifics), and do not have to be related to Zombies. Make us turn a corner we might have not seen in the dark, dig up things that appeal to our senses, and tickle our funny bone. We will accept new and experienced writers and poets and visualists who display passion and can take a stab at the world, literally, have fun and lighten up!

Z-composition only accepts original submissions, and no longer take work published in other magazines or work you have sent out to two or more magazines. We want original work. If it has been several years or longer since it was in print let us know at the time of submission so we can make a decision.

Authors, Artist, and photographers retain copyright throughout submission and publishing; however, if work published here first is published elsewhere later, please cite Z-composition as the source of original publication.

Z-composition does not charge a reading fee and does not pay for contributions.

Submission guidelines are subject to change.

Submissions should be sent

We no longer take work submitted to other journals, ezines, and magazines. If you have submitted work to others, please inform us. It is automatic deletion if we discover you have sent us simultaneous submissions, explanation not needed.

We are not publishing essays or articles or book reviews on this site, at this time (see above).

We are not publishing video artforms at this time.

If your work has not been chosen for submission, please wait one publishing period before re-submitting your work, and only once per year for re-submissions. Feel free to submit new work bi-monthly!

We ask that you stick with our guidelines. You may direct questions to editors regarding size and limits of files, and we ask you to be patient as we develop this site over the next year..

- Editors,

Forget the paramedics..."Send More Editor Brains"

Do you have too much time on your hands because the kids all have left for college or moved out (maybe one sleeps in the basement)?

Did you just graduate with an MFA and would like to begin building up your resume by joining a great literary website?

Are your brains rotting away in that full-time job that has nothing to do with your passion?

Has the flesh begun to peel from your bones because the zombie virus has already taken over and the only chance you have to redeem yourself is to do the writing you always claim you do?

Then what are you waiting for?

We are looking for humble people with little or more experience in editing who have a spare few hours every two months to work on our team. You will be required to read a variety of work (as follows), and help choose new works of poetry, prose, artwork, and photography for our website.

What do you get?

Editors- we will throw you a bone with a bio and a link to your hottest blog and or published works. Otherwise you will share in the brains of unsuspecting poets, writers, and artists' bi-montly as we progress in the fabulous world of literary genius...uh yeah right...

Does this frighten you?

You do not have to like the genre we house on Z-composition, just know a good piece when you read it. Critiquing is not an easy job: you have to be objective, but yet be honest (criticism should set out to "serve the work of art, not usurp its place"- ). Being down right mean is easy, and not what we are looking for.


Contact us:

*All work is picked based on content alone. No names or bios are attached to work theneditors receive for analysis.