Hungry for the unusual, then you have come to the right place. We will feature bi-monthly menu items and descriptions from the upcoming Chez Zombie- Gourmet Zombie Eats Cookbook. You will be able to purchase an e-book version in the near future. We are not limited to rotting corpse palates, but will prepare dishes for most necro-gourmets still walking the globe.

Today's Chez Zombie Gourmet Eats Lunch Special-

Seared Faux Foie Gras

(fresh liver dropped in dirt, and served on a bed of green cash) $$$

Local and Organic Basal Ganglia 'Tossed' Salad

We now serve...

Kids, Gluten Free, and Vegan Eaters

(taste like chicken, and we will throw in a salad - .99 to go menu specials)


Submissions for 'Zombie Poetic Recipes' - must be in poem form, word.doc file, name and title in subject line of email- to be printed in Chez Zombie Gourmet Eats Anthology

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If any of this content is taken literally and ends up in a court of law, we are not liable for your misguided judgment- all cannibals, take heed. Z-composition or its editors has no intention or has ever consumed the raw or otherwise flesh of a fellow human being. We are a wide range of carnivores, vegetarians and or vegans only.

Zombies are the only known creatures (undead horror fiction) to consume large amounts of human flesh or brains of living human beings according to internet sites such as Wikipedia and a worldwide network of Zombie websites found on-line.