June 2012


'Life on Other Planets", Donna Kay WaggonerLife on Other Planets


Donna Kay Waggoner is a native Oklahoma living in Texas and has been working with cameras for over 18 years. She dabbles in experimental art over the photographs she takes, and finds enjoyment in sharing it with others. She spends her time as a volunteer and taking photographs Dallas Summer Musical Guild events, as well taking photographs for charity events such as La Toque and Diabetes Foundation. You can see more of her work at Dimensions ByDK.com


'The Scream', Denny E. Marshall-

The Scream

Denny E. Marshall lives in the Midwest. While he has done art and poetry for a while, he just started writing haiku in 2010 and fiction in 2011. He has had art & poetry recently published. An example of this would be interior art for Edge & Night To Dawn.

His work also appeared in Z-composition's maiden issue- Feb 2012, and can be found in the Artwork/Photography archives.